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Charmaine Holland teaches the life-changing lesson that self-alignment leads to life fulfillment. With Positive Loving Energy – Fulfilling Life Purpose while requiring that you align with your soul purpose. One aspect of most everyone’s soul purpose is to enjoy an abundant life. Charmaine’s mindset and heartfelt technique equip her clients and students to create loving energy of feel- a good mindset and thoughts patterning that lead to a joyous and optimized life. When a person is in tune with her higher purpose and higher essence, an abundance mindset prevails. Every dream, every wish, every desire comes into focus and is within reach.

For more than three decades, Charmaine has been standing among leaders in the interfaith communities, and business sector, while in her twenties, she has tapped deeply into her gifts of intuitive-ship pairing with Motivational Speaking, Life consulting that help clients live a much richer, and joyful life, toward fulfilling their purpose. She is currently working toward creating programs to help empower more younger and older women through her mentorship program and currently her books: Walking In Your Purpose, Walking with Grace ® Charmaine is a fashion designer of her Collection brand (CH) -Loving Energy! Charmaine is an example of how living in alignment leads to a life of magical fulfillment and contentment with joy and happiness. 

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Our June Podcast Guest 

Dr. Merry Tehari 

Dr. Merry Taheri is the first Afghan-American Nurse Practitioner running for the California State Assembly, District 69.

 She has been working on the frontline from state to state and now in  Los Angeles in a homeless community called "Skid Row" for years. helping and serving the health industry. 

We will learn what inspires Dr. Merry to run for office and hear about the changes that she's willing to make. To make the people safe, happy, and comfortable in District 69. 

Please join in on the conversation to learn more about how to help and support Dr. Merry Teheri to become Ca Assemble District 69,  Follow me live on every Thursday podcast. Click on the link Below

Season #1 / Episode #1

Guest Dr. Merry Tehari 

Ayesha Hassan 

Ayesha Hassan is a beautiful Mother of 6 children who loved, guided, and watched each of her children become adults, graduated from college, and raise their own beautiful families.

The sacrifice of a mother, to enjoy her labor and fruits,  grows into something amazing.

Until life happened and Mental Health issues begin to take a turn to get the best of her child. Ayesha will share and enlighten us on signs that were taking place, without realizing what was happening until it was too late.

Learn the signs to look for in this informative and thought-provoking inteview. 

Join in the conversation by calling 646-668-8485. Follow me live on every Thursday podcast, or click on the link here: Join in the conversation by calling 646-668-8485.  

Season #1 / Episode #2

Guest  Ayisha Hassan 

Angie Espinosa

Do you have a business but are not sure how to make it successful? Have you been at the grind and feel as if the only thing you can do is call it quits? Do have you difficulty structuring your business.

If you say yes to any of these, let me introduce you to someone who can help.

Angela Espinosa is a successful business owner of Alpha Business Services. Alpha Business Services helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, individuals, and families with managing and organizing their finances, resolve tax issues to avoid auditing, and gain and maintain tax compliance.

Please join in on the conversation to learn more about how to become a successful business owner by calling 646-668-8485. Follow me live on Media podcast platforms. Click on the link below  

Season #1 / Episode #3

Guest Angie Espinosa

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Real Talk, Real People, and Real Conversation with Charmaine where the action begins to take place. From a thought perspective into conscious awareness. 

By informing, inspiring, and encouraging a spark to help us get motivated to want to do better for ourselves and the communities at large. 

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