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of how women value and see themselves standing In their authentic purpose.

 I work with coaches, business women, entrepreneur and passionate women who's seeking a better future.

Passionate Motivational Speaker 

Charmaine, Is a remarkable Female Entrepreneur, Mother, Grandmother, Passionate Motivational Speaker, Spiritual life consultant, Businesswoman, Author, Chaplain, and above all a visionary with a clear precise direction of her purpose and future. Charmaine's life assignments are based on empowering women to become authentic so they can stand in their aligned purpose. As well as help individuals build a successful career. For the past 39 years, she has dedicated her time to serving 30,000 women and more by sharing techniques and providing solutions to help them uncover life trauma and rediscover their life, so they can live their dream. Charmaine's impactful vision in leadership is about creating a self-made leadership experience for women and men by providing them with a clear vision with wisdom, knowledge, and tools to guide them to become authentic, by standing in their true alignment. Schedule a Free call with Charmaine 

About Charmaine Holland 

Business Women/ Entrepreneur

To become successful in this world, I learned that "money is our source'.  In my early 20's I started out as an accountant, to later became a CFO making 6-figures, which taught me the important of how to manage money and run a successful business. I open my bookkeeping & Tax firm in my 30's and still activity growing helping other entrepreneur's become successful toward building generational wealth by understanding business as a millionaire when related to blue print of their financial statement. Therefore if you're a business owner and need guidance to review or help to get you started with developing your company's financial statement, so you can see and understand the health of your business operation - Let's Talk .. Schedule a Free call with Charmaine 

Business Guidance 

Spiritual Life Consulting

As a spiritual being, I offer divine message from above that only God and Angels knows your divine secrets of your heart and your affairs on earth. I my one on one coaching clients is about providing solutions of getting them unstuck, feeling doubtful of self, afraid of moving forward, feeling unwanted and so much more. My consulting work help expand their mind, body and spirit in areas where they need true guidance, support, structure and balance toward having a fulfilled life. Which will help them, rediscover their true authentic self , so they are able to walk in their  purpose with confidents and integrity.   Schedule a Free call with Charmaine 

One to One Session 

Author - of Affirmations

It wasn't until 2020, when I became an author writing spiritual affirmations. I published 2 books called "Walking In Your Purpose" and "Walking With Grace" the both of these books, spoke life into me and everything I read them, I see something that I didn't see before. Which helped changed my mindset and allowed me to appreciate the value of understanding the power of our words. When I speak about affirmations, I'm not speaking on the surface of man, I'm speaking to the inner spirit of your being. When many can start to value the true essence of how words can impact our lives. To learn more about affirmation schedule a free call. But order your book today.    Schedule a Free call with Charmaine  

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Prison Outreach Ministry

The prison ministry started to develop when I use to work side by side many interfaith leaders in the surrounding communities. I was asked to volunteer at CWIC which is chino prison for women in 2009 to attend a interfaith group. Which changed my life, to see the women was hungry for attention, resource and must important someone who care.  After the first visited, I followed up to see what requirements I needed to go back to visit the ladies anytime I wanted. Once the process was completed, I would see them 2 a week on friday studying scripture,and help with day to day life challenges that they were dealing with. Many of the ladies inside had long sentences. After awhile, I took a break to clear my mind to see what direction I was going with this ministry.  Now it's 2020 in God said, get out into the world in help people. So I founded myself going back in prison, with a purpose, bigger mission and passion offering voltuneer work to help turn these ladies life around so once they are release they are able to stop blaming others by taking back control of their life in be a better person. Just seeing their transformation each week, inspires me to continue showing up in pour love into their spirit.     

Empower the Spirit within

Fashion/ Apparel

As a fashion designer, I love to express my deepest awareness into the world, base on how we can come alive by expressing our authentic self. As a vibrant individuals I love working with colors or words of expression, that's associated to our chakra foundation of energy. Coming soon

Apparel Clothing


Weekly Podcast 

Real Talk, Real People and Real Conversation

Real Talk, Real People and Real Conversation

She's a passionate  Motivated Speaker, Spiritual Life Consulting, Author and Religious Chaplain

Charmaine loves having real-life conversations where she can learn and share her wisdom and knowledge with others around the world. Where it helps uplift by making a huge impact on changing other people's lives, by lessons that self-align them toward living a fulfilled life.

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